About Us

As fitness enthusiasts and athletes, we know how hard the Covid-19 pandemic period has been for all of us on a global scale: mental health challenges, no gym, no motivation and on… 


This is how the journey of this business started. We all know the feeling of not having a gym, not being able to train properly and being dependent on the gyms. 


We believe that we can bring a solution to all the gym goers and fitness enthusiasts who don’t have time to train at the gym or who want to be less dependent on the gyms. 


Don’t get us wrong! We all love a good gym session but it is also good to learn from the past circumstances and to be prepared for any eventuality. Using and integrating resistance bands, body weight training into our workouts.


We want to be part of a solution and prigide ways to train anywhere or anytime with gym gear (mats, fitness dumbbells, resistance bands, etc..).


In Addition of the "HomeWorkout" aspect of the brand, we also love technology and clothing. Both aspects were a must to be brought to you as we believe a good piece of clothing makes us feel good! A good piece of technology to make our lives much easier in our day to day life. 


We want you to be satisfied as much as we are! Enjoy our store and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to be in touch with you!


The BodyandFit Store team